Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ten Reasons Why Women Love Romance Novels

I came across this post about why women love romance novels, and just had to share.

5 Reasons why the unenlightened think we love romance novels:

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10. We're bored and have nothing better to do. This explains why a good portion of us read in lines, just before the lights go off in a theater, between meetings, before class, and during our commute... because we have time to spare.

09. We don't have to think when we read romance! Great! Let's leave our brains at home because everybody knows romance novels are right up there with gossip, soap operas, and fashion and celebrity magazines.

08. Secretly, we love the trashy cover art. Clinches and clutches and heaving bosoms really appeal to us. Who doesn't love toting embarrassingly bulging mantitty in her purse?

07. We love romance because it's petticoat porn. (What and men don't like watching poorly filmed flicks off the internet? At least ours is intellectual- it's literature!)

06. Better yet, on top of loving it for porn we also love it because we have no sex life. This is our only way to experience sex... ie vicariously through fictional characters. Right... as if any woman couldn't go into any bar and ask any man if he wanted to go home with her and he wouldn't say yes.

Now for 5 real reasons to love romance novels:

05. Truly, we love romance because it's emotional porn. Two hanky reads anyone? Passes out tissues.

04. Happily Ever Afters. We love a great ending and knowing that no matter how many troubles and problems seem to mount up eventually they're solved and go away.

03. Variety. There's a romance out there for everyone. Many of us develop preferences and seek out stories that cater to them.

02. The heroine. She's everything we want to be or admire in others with the exception of the Too Stupid to Live Heroines.

And the number one reason women love romance novels is:

01. The hero... because we can fall a little bit in love with him every time we open a book to read.

Courtesy of Keira from Love Romance Passion
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  1. Mantitty *snickers* Although that one is listed in the "fake" reasons, my mum does pick up new authors based on the amount of male flesh on the cover ;) She's drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Funny enough, most of the time it ends up being a good pick, LOL. We found Monica McCarty, Kresley Cole, and many others that way ;)

    Good article =) And I love your new signature! Is that similar to your real writing??

    1. LOL. I'm sure Monica and Kresley would be happy to know your mum approves of their man candy covers. ;)

      Thanks. The font is pretty close to my signature, though the loop of my "J" is bigger. My signature is the only thing I write in cursive. I find it much easier to print.

  2. LOL Actually, I think they both already know. Mum isn't very quiet about her love of "mantitty." ;)

    Very cool! Yeah, I'm the same way. I prefer to print--of course, a lot of my writing becomes a bunch of swirls and loops lol.