Thursday, October 1, 2015

31 Days of Writing

For eight years the Syfy Channel has hosted a spooktacular scarefest known as 31 Days of Halloween. It's a movie-a-thon of over 600 hours of bloodcurdling programming between October 1-31st. I saw a promo about the event the other day on TV, and out of the blue inspiration struck.   

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I have a non-existent writing routine. It's been that way for months. It depresses and annoys me. My story should have been completed a long time ago. However, I have not made writing a priority since the end of July, when my Summer Writing Challenge ended. My progress stalled. My Muse disappeared. Stress got to me. Doubt crept in. I fell back into old habits. As a result, I took an unnecessarily long break from writing. Days turned into weeks. Before I knew it summer was over, and I hadn't written a single word in August. Just when I mustered the courage to open my work-in-progress, something awful happened.

My father passed away three weeks ago. In the days prior to and after his passing, I was too brokenhearted and emotionally exhausted to focus on anything, let alone write. Nothing mattered to me anymore -- not my writing or my big dreams. Then I read Steal Like an Artist, a terrific little book by Austin Kleon. A day later, Syfy's 31 Days of Halloween promo inspired me to create a 31 Days of Writing plan for myself. Now I finally feel ready to write.

So today I'm going to sit down at my desk, open my laptop, and see what happens.

No more procrastinating. No more excuses. I have a story to finish.


  1. Oh! *tears up* I'm so glad that book helped inspire you! I had no idea. I'd hoped you'd like it and that it would help, but I'm SO GLAD it helped you see what you need to do! So proud of you, hun! I think I'm going to join in on your challenge. No set word goal, but simply to write something every day of October! XO

  2. It helped a lot, Nat. Thanks so much for the recommend, and for being such a supportive BFF/CP. xoxo I'm glad you're going to join in on my challenge. It's a very doable goal. Let's do it, girl. ;)

  3. You're welcome. Right back at you, girl! XOXOXO